Take charge now! Your energy revolution is in your own hands

There has never been a better time to take charge of your own clean energy revolution. No more contamination or emissions. It now pays off to produce your own energy. We have created the BNL Clean Energy plant especially for you, allowing for clean, green energy to be generated from your waste. Our multiple input and output technology offers a flexible, independent solution to your energy needs. Private enterprise as well as public entities will benefit from how BNL Clean Energy plants perfectly adapt to their requirements and operations. At the same time, the zero emission – zero residue process offers a totally new level in terms of environmental protection. On top of this, thanks to our patented Swiss technology, BNL Clean Energy plants are customisable and absolutely safe and secure.



Zero Emission

To this day, power plants are generally viewed as contaminators harmful to the environment. Although thermal power plants have become more efficient and technologically advanced in recent years, they are liabilities in terms of their environmental effects. Still today, conventional power plants release pollutants and the greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere. There are countless...

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Multiple Feedstock

Currently operating, modern thermal power plants can reach significant performance levels. However, the time has come bring this technology to a new level. Your BNL Clean Energy plant has the capacity to run on an unprecedented variety of feedstocks as long as it has an appropriate calorific value. To make things even better, your BNL Clean Energy plant automatically adjusts its processes to any...

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Zero Residue

BNL Clean Energy plants are emission free, space-saving and efficient energy generators. Even with our environmentally friendly technology, minor amounts of fluent and fixed residues cannot be avoided. These can however easily be collected and transported to a BNL Clean Recycling plant, where they are recycled and processed into valuable chemical elements and compounds, such as sulfur...

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Clean Energy

Similar to conventional thermal power plants, BNL Clean Energy plants generate significant amounts of heat. For this reason, it can supply district heating or cooling for housing estates and process steam or hot air for industries. Alternatively, BNL Clean Energy plants can provide cooling for cold storages. The desalination of sea water to extract potable water is very energy consuming.

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Conventional thermal power plants can be colossal structures. The planning and commissioning of them is usually accompanied by a significant amount of bureaucratic hassle. Now, the BNL Clean Energy plants redefine this set of rules. Our standardised and certified processes and facilities allow for the necessary permission stage to be completed more swiftly and comfortably.

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Swiss Technology

The key concepts behind a BNL Clean Energy plant are patented. Having said that, our thermo-chemical process takes its starting point in three already established technologies: pyrolysis, gasification and catalytic reaction (Fischer-Tropsch process). When we combine these actions in a closed loop under high pressure (20 bar,)we achieve the smaller scale and the Zero Emission process which make our...

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